Whats News

This is just a quick update as to what is going on at Yarraleigh!!!!

Updated 28th March, 2018


Well we had decided to downsize our breeding program as we are moving to Gippsland. We are proud of our achievements and the gorgeous foals that we have bred (over 50 curlies), and therefore, if people want the curlies, we will breed them.  We will only be breeding 2 or 3 a year from now on.  A lot less than our normal 10 plus, but enough for us to handle easily.

After this year we will be breeding some foals on request.  This will give the buyers approx. 18 months to 2 years to pay off their foals.

Moonlights now a proud daddy of 38.  Caesar the proud daddy of 19.

Moony has had a fantastic array of colors::

Grullo, Smoky Grullo, Smoky Grullo Roan, Bay, Perlino Dun, Buckskin, Dunskin, Bay Dun, Smoky Cream Dun, BayRoan, Black and Smoky Black.

Caesar has given us a buckskin, smoky black, bays and chestnuts.

All the foals are beautifully put together and have beautiful temperaments and movement. There has been a huge difference in curl level from a tight all over curl to a smooth coat with just wavy ears, mane and tail.

Zena is now 7 and has was broken in by Seona Peters at www.edgertonpark.webs.com.  Seona, who is located near Geelong has done a fantastasic job of breaking Zena in.  Seona also broke Moony in and I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting their horse beautifully broken in.  Zena was put to Moony and foaled late 2014, a little mini me Zena colt which we named Conan.  Conan is just gorgeous and is the highest percentage of curl we can get here at Yarraleigh (75%).  Zena Has now had a stunning Dunalino foal to cremello QH Cream Em Charlie.  

Aphrodite is also now Lso 7 and growing well.  She has now also become a mum foaling a gorgeous big bay filly in 2014 that is also 75% curly and looking like she is an extreme curly.

Moony’s paddock serving was a great success.   He was great with the mares and foals and they just all ran as a herd.  He was really gentle and I had no issues and Caesar is following in his footsteps in this regard.  He was so sweet with the foals.  I was really proud of him.  He had a few knicks on him but other than that he is still looking his handsome self.  He has been here for 5 1/2 years  and it feels like I have had him forever, his nature is just so very sweet and he is so easy to handle.  He loves his snuggles and I just can’t believe he is a stallion sometimes.

We have tested both fresh and frozen semen for Moony and both mares got in foal first go which is fabulous and shows the strength of his semen.  Both those foals have now been born.  So exciting.

Will keep you updated with photo’s of the babies as they grow.  See our foals page.