Curly Gypsy Cobs

Yarraleigh Prince Charles

Charlie is a stunner. He is still to be colour tested but he’s either Black, Smoky Black, Silver Black or Silver Smoky Black. He was born December 2021 and should mature around 15hh.

SOLD SOLD SOLD to Mt Macedon

Yarraleigh Rollo

Rollo was born in December 2021. He is a rare and stunning Silver Dunskin 50% Gypsy colt. He will mature around 13.3hh.

Yarraleigh Ludovic (Ludo)

Joanie is a stunning Black and White 50% Gypsy Cob x out of our mare Yarraleigh Aphrodite. She was born in October 2021. She is arguably the best of our 2020 foaling bunch. She will mature around 14.2-15hh.

$5,000 registered AGHS and APSB

Yarraleigh Kindra

Kinny is a stunning Dunskin 50% Gypsy Cob born 24th September, 2021. She will mature approx. 14hh.

Kinny is being retained.

Yarraleigh Magnus

Magnus is a gorgeous Grullo colt born September 2021. He will mature approx. 14.2hh.

SOLS SOLD SOLD to Gippsland

Yarraleigh Floki

Floki is a gorgeous Grullo Gupsy Cob x colt born August 2021. He will mature around 14.2hh.

SOLD SOLD SOLD to Melbourne


Sassafrass (Sassy) was born in mid October 2019 to our 75% curly Homozygous (always throws a curly foal) mare Cleopatra and her sire is the Purebred Gypsy Stallion Smiths Magic Merlin, a beautiful homozygous black, homozygous Tobiano boy.

Sassy is being kept for myself so unfortunately not for sale.


Sharni is a Curly x Gypsy Cob Pintaloosa filly born in November 2018. She is a solid little chick and I can’t wait to see her grow. She should mature around 14.3hh. She has beautiful long curly feathers all the way up her legs. I believe she is the only Gypsy Cob Curly in Australia. 5 Panel Negative.

SOLD to WA….