FloraLake Moonlight Schimm’l

Moonlight Home 1

Moonlight joined our stud in late June 2011 from Canada.  Wow.  Over 3 years ago.  It’s gone so quick.  It was a long process but he finally arrived and is everything we hoped for and more.  Moonlight is a gorgeous approx. 14.3hh 7yo Smoky Grulla Curly Stallion.  What a rare and beautiful colour he is.  Moonlight  is homozygous for the black gene and also carries the creme gene.

The first photo’s are of Moonlight over in Canada.  He was extra curly over their due to their colder weather conditions.  Since he has been in Austraila, his coat doesn’t get anywhere near as curly as in those photo’s, he has acclimatised to Australia well.  Most people think curlies have a curly coat all year round, but as you can see by his photo’s, his smooth summer coat is just beautifully smooth like velvet.

Moonlight will be standing at stud via AI Chilled/Frozen semen this season.

Stud Fee:     $1,200 plus GST plus vet fees if applicable…..

Live Foal to Ground Guarantee

Moonlight January 2011

Hawks Midnite Shadow

Moonlights sire “Hawks Midnite Shadow” is a stunning big smokey black curly stallion that has the movement of a Fresian and is very impressive.

Schimm’l Von Krauslen

Moonlights Dam “Schimm’l Von Krauslen” is a lovely 14.3hh Grullo Curly Mare that also has very impressive movement.

“Yarraleigh Sandmagic Caesar”



Curly x Paint Stallion

Born 17th November, 2010

Caesar is out of Curly Stallion Sandmans Magic (see further down in Stallions) and out of Paint mare Hustle Me Dreams with lines of The Hustler, Cisco Kid etc.  He is a beautifully bred stallion.

Caesar is now almost 4 and has his first foal on the ground.  For his first foal we put him over our buckskin pony mare Bickee.  She is about 13.3hh and she foaled a stunning chestnut filly on the 23rd September, 2014.  Caesar has a 50/50 chance of throwing a curly coated and his first foaled we are thrilled to say is curly coated.  What a strong curly gene he has.

I am so happy with him and he is growing beautifully and his temperament is just superb.

“Sandmans Magic”

Sandmans Magic 1

We imported frozen ”Sandmans Magic” semen from Canada in 2009 and inseminated our mares and were thrilled with 3 successful pregnancies thanks to Vet Anne Jacobsen (AI specialist) and her husband Darren at Rosehill Veterinary ( located just on the outskirts of Ballarat at Clarkes Hill.

Sandman’s Magic is an ”extreme curly”  which means he produces curly foals 100% of the time, even to straight mares.  You will notice he has little to no tail and mane hair, this is an extreme curly trait (see About Curlies to learn more).

Sandmans Magic is an ICHO, ABC and CSI registered Sooty Dun Sporthorse Curly Stallion.   Sandman currently competes at First Level in Canada and his owner Shelly White continues to be impressed with both the breed and the temprament.

We love our babies from Sandmans Magic.