Curlies For Sale


Wyatt was born in December, 2017.  He is a beautiful bay colt with a gorgeous sweet personality.  He will mature 15hh++.

Wyatt is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Waler, 1/4 Paint, 1/4 TB.  He has beautiful curls.



Tasmin was born in November 2017.  She is a beautiful straight coated bay curly filly.  She will mature to around 15hh.  Tasmin is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Paint, 1/2 Stockhorse.


“Bonnitah” (Bonnie)

Bonnie is a stunning Grullo and grey curly coated filly.   She was born on the 12th November, 2013 and she is 1/2 Curly,  1/4 Arab and 1/4 Pony.  




Ava is a gorgeous Bay Pinto curly coated filly born on the 7th November, 2015.  Ava is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Waler, 1/4 Paint and 1/4 TB. 

Ava is an outside serve and is located at Napoleons, Vic.

Ava is for sale.  $3,500


Lunar is an especially beautiful Smoky Cream filly born on the 15th November, 2016.  She is 1/2 curly, 1/4 Quarterhorse, 1/4 Stockhorse.  Lunar has tested n/p1.  




Micky is a Waler/TB x Curly straight coated filly.  She was born on 6th December 2013.  Her mature height will be around 15.2hh.  She is n/p1.



Lena is a bay straight curly filly out of my QH mare Crackin Blue E Fex.  She was born on the 4th November, 2013.  She is stocky built just like her dam.  Lena has been tested n/P1.

Has been saddled and ridden but not broken in.



Storm was born on the 28th November, 2012.  She is out of my Appaloosa mare Willow.  She should grow to around 15hh.  Storm is a Smoky Black Appaloosa and is very curly.  Storm has tested n/n. Storm had her first foal (to Caesar) in early February 2017.  A buckskin Extreme Curly Colt, Phinneus.

Storm had her second foal in November 2018 to a Gypsy Colt stallion.  A stunning black paint filly.