Curlies Foals For Sale


Jupiter is a gorgeous curly coated Bay Sabino (will grey) Colt.  Jupe is 1/4 Fresian (Noble Shadow Valiant), 1/4 Percheron/Anglo, 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Paint.  He will mature well over 15hh and have amazing movement.

Jupiter is for sale for $4,500


Wyatt was born in December, 2017.  He is a beautiful bay colt with a gorgeous sweet personality.  He will mature 15hh++.

Wyatt is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Waler, 1/4 Paint, 1/4 TB.  He has beautiful curls.

Wyatt is for sale.  $3,300.


Ariana was born in November, 2017.  Her mature height will be between 15.2 -16hh.  She is a straight coated filly, chunky as with spunk to boot.  Rainy is 1/2 Clydie, 1/4 Curly and 1/4 Paint.


“Bicheno” (Bickee)

Bickee is Caesars first foal.  She was born on the 23rd September,  2014.  Bickee is a curly coated flaxen chestnut and is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Paint, 1/4 Appaloosa and 1/4 Pony.

Bickee is for sale for $3,300 incl GST.

“Endora” (Dori)

Dori is a stunning flaxen chestnut curly coated filly.  She was born on the 6th October, 2016 and 1/2 Stockhorse.  Photo’s to follow.

Dori is for sale for $3,300 incl. GST.


Ava is a gorgeous Bay Pinto curly coated filly born on the 7th November, 2015.  Ava is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Waler, 1/4 Paint and 1/4 TB. 

Ava is for sale.  $3,500


Micky is a Waler/TB x Curly straight coated filly.  She was born on 6th December 2013.  Her mature height will be around 15.2hh.  She is n/p1.



Tia is a bay straight coated QH x curly filly.  She is out of Moony and our Blue/Bay roan mare Crackin Blue E Fex Q-70752.  She was born on the 31st October, 2014 and she is absolutely adorable and very QH’y.  n/p1.

$1,650 incl GST


Spoc was born on 25th October, 2012 to my Palomino Stockhorse mare Rosebank Jewel (Klancii).  He is a stunning smooth coated curly gelding with curls in his ears, mane and tail and has beautiful big heavy set legs on him.  Spoc has tested n/n.  Spoc has been saddled, had bags hanging off him, had someone step in saddle on each side, has been layed down and had quite a bit of work.  Spoc has been tested n/n.

Spoc is for sale for $3,500