Curlies for sale


Jag is out of 11.3 chestnut roan APSB pony mare Bell Rose Reflection.  Jag is a gorgeous smoky grullo roan and I am looking forward to seeing his first summer coat, I think his colouring will be quite impressive.  We have his full brother Jet (see foals page) here as well and we think they will both go to around 13.1hh.  Jag has now started his foal handling and is so far going along quite well.

$4,000 plus GST


Scout is a bay straight curly colt born on the 6th December, 2013.  He has curls in his ears, mane and tail and I think he will go over 15hh.  He is a big boy and quite heavy set.  His colour is really dark black bay, I really like it.  Scout has started his foal handling and he was the easiest of all the foals.  He was an absolute breeze.  Such an easy easy boy.

$3,000 plus GST


Apollo was born on the 29th December, 2013.  He is a straight coated dunskin curly and this fella is going to be stunning.  He is out of Stockhorse mare Tabby and he should go around 15hh.  What a personality.  Easy going, chilled out.  Walks straight up to you and just chills with you.  Cute as this fella.

$4,000 plus GST


Regal is a stunning straight coated curly.  He was born on the 17th November, 2013.  Regal  has 2 beautiful blue eyes and holds himself like a prince.  He is out of Apaloosa mare Willow.  He should grow to be over 15hh and will make an awesome show horse with fantastic carriage.  He is extremely heavy set boy and moves just beautifully.  Regal is yet to start his training but I’m looking forward to working with him.

$4,000 plus GST