Sold Curlies


Klancy was born in October 2017 to our curly mare Bella and our stallion Caesar.  She has a beautiful curly coat and has heaps of spunk.  She will mature to approx. 15hh.

Klancy has been sold to NSW.


Wyatt was born in December, 2017.  He is a beautiful bay colt with a gorgeous sweet personality.  He will mature 15hh++.

Wyatt is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Waler, 1/4 Paint, 1/4 TB.  He has beautiful curls.



Tasmin was born in November 2017.  She is a beautiful straight coated bay curly filly.  She will mature to around 15hh.  Tasmin is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Paint, 1/2 Stockhorse.

SOLD to South Australia


Ariana was born in November, 2017.  Her mature height will be between 15.2 -16hh.  She is a straight coated filly, chunky as with spunk to boot.  Rainy is 1/2 Clydie, 1/4 Curly and 1/4 Paint.

Rainy is sold to My Gambiae SA

“Bicheno” (Bickee)

Bickee is Caesars first foal.  She was born on the 23rd September,  2014.  Bickee is a curly coated flaxen chestnut and is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Paint, 1/4 Appaloosa and 1/4 Pony.

Bickee has now spent 3 weeks being started and is ready to be finished off.  She went extremely well and is solid and sensible.

Bickee is for sale for $4,400  incl GST.

Sold to Rupanyup

“Endora” (Dori)

Dori is a stunning flaxen chestnut curly coated filly.  She was born on the 6th October, 2016 and 1/2 Stockhorse.  Photo’s to follow.



Ava is a gorgeous Bay Pinto curly coated filly born on the 7th November, 2015.  Ava is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Waler, 1/4 Paint and 1/4 TB. 

Ava is an outside serve and is located at Napoleons, Vic.

SOLD to South Australia


Zeus is a stunning Smoky Cream Dun curly coated Gelding born on the 21st September, 2015.  He is 1/2 curly, 1/4 Quarterhorse and 1/4 Stockhorse.


SOLD.  SOLD.  SOLD to Orange NSW


Phoenix is a stunning blue roan curly coated Colt.  He is 1/2 Curly 1/2 Quarterhorse.  Photo’s to follow. Phoenix has been sold to Albury,


Freya is a stunning big Smoky Black 1/2 Curly,  1/4 Clydesdale,  1/4 Quarterhorse filly with a stunningly soft curly coat.   Photo’s to follow. Freya has been sold to Mount Gambier,


Bastian is a solid black straight coated curly with curls in the tail, mane and ears.  He was born on the 30th November, 2016 and is 1/4 Curly, 1/4 Clydesdale, 1/4 Quarterhorse and 1/4 Paint. Photo’s to follow. .  SOLD.  SOLD to Tamworth.


Archie is a Stunning stunning bay pinto Colt with the most adorable personality.  He was born on the 29th November and is 1/4 Curly,  1/4 Waler,  1/4 Paint and 1/4 TB.  Photo’s to follow. Archie is sold and is off to Perth,



Jazz is a very stocky straight coated but very curly tailed chestnut flaxen filly.  She was born on the 24th October, 2016 and is 1/4 curly, 1/2 Quarterhorse (Olena Royal Twister) and 1/4 Paint. Photo’s to follow.

Jazz is for sale for $2,750 including GST.

Jazz has been sold to Avoca, Vic


Gally is a beautiful big curly coated bay 1/2 Curly, 1/2 Clydesdale Colt.  He was born on the 16th August, 2016. Photo’s to follow. Gally has been sold to Buninyong,


Deni is a gorgeous big bay boy with nice big curly feathers.  He was born on the 4th October, 2016.  Deni is 1/4 Curly, 1/2 Clydesdale and 1/4 Paint.  Photo’s to come. Deni is currently on hold.



Micky is a Waler/TB x Curly straight coated filly.  She was born on 6th December 2013.  Her mature height will be around 15.2hh.  She is n/p1.



Rusty was born on the 7th November, 2012 so he is now rising 3.  He is out of Paint mare Hustle Me Dreams (River) PHAA 6674.  Rusty is a bay dun gelding with such a sweet temperament. His coat is smooth with a few curls in his ears, mane and tail.  He is a gorgeous boy and moves beautifully like his dam and he is ultra friendly. He will grow to around 15hh.  He is currently around 14.2hh and such a solid boy. Rusty has tested n/p1. He will be sent off to be broken in early October, 2015 and his price will rise accordingly.


Dakota is a smoky black filly out of Moony and our Stockhorse/QH cremello mare.  She was born on the 2nd September, 2014.   She is absolutely gorgeous and nice and curly. Dakota has been tested n/n.

Dakota has been sold to QLD.


Conan is 3/4 curly gelding.  He is out of our Sandmans Magic mare Zena and Moony.  He is a beautiful Dunksin and is a mirror image of Zena.  Conan has been tested for PSSM1 and shows n/P1 and he will be gelded at around 12 months old.  Conan was born on the 21st October, 2014.


Jag is out of 11.3 chestnut roan APSB pony mare Bell Rose Reflection and was born on the 30th December,  2013.   Jag is a gorgeous smoky grullo roan and I love this rare coat colour.  I think his colouring is quite impressive.   We have his full brother Jet (see foals page) here as well and we think they will both go to around 13hh.  Jag has been tested n/n.


Scout is a bay straight curly colt born on the 6th December,  2013.  He has curls in his ears, mane and tail and I think he will go over 15hh.  He is a big boy and quite heavy set.  His colour is really dark black bay, I really like it.  Scout has started his foal handling and he was the easiest of all the foals.  He was an absolute breeze.  Such an easy easy boy.


Tiki was born on the 15th November, 2013.  Her Dam is my Appaloosa mare Aanuka. She is very curly and appears to be black or smoky black.  Tiki has been tested n/P1.  Not for sale.


Nita is by my QH mare Freckles Sandstorm.  She was born on 16th October, 2013.  She has an awesome squiggle blaze and is really friendly. Nita has been tested n/n.


Lily is out of my Thoroughbred mare Scout.  She was born on 10th December, 2012 and is a dunskin.  Such a sweet little filly. Should grow to around 14.3hh.


Apollo was born on the 29th December, 2013.   He is a straight coated dunskin curly and this fella is going to be stunning.  He is out of Stockhorse mare Tabby and he should go around 15hh.  What a personality.  Easy going, chilled out. Walks straight up to you and just chills with you.  Cute as this fella.   Apollo has now been gelded.


Regal is a stunning straight coated bay appaloosa curly gelding.  He was born on the 17th November, 2013.  Regal has 2 beautiful blue eyes and holds himself like a prince.  He is out of Apaloosa mare Willow.  He should grow to be over 15hh and will make an awesome show horse with fantastic carriage.  He is extremely heavy set boy and moves just beautifully.  Regal is yet to start his training but I’m looking forward to working with him.   Regal has been broken in and going great.  Beautiful movement….



Bundy is a solid bay colt who was born on 14th November,  2013.   He is out of Palomino Stockhorse Mare Klancii (Rosebank Jewel).  Bundy is full of curls and has a great little personality, moves beautifully.  He should grow to be around 14.3hh.   Bundy has started his foal training and is coming along really well.


Hustler is a gorgous buckskin paint Colt out of our PHAA mare “Hustle Me Dreams”.  He will grow to around 15hh by the look of him.  Has fantastic colouring and movement.  He has heaps of curls with 3 rich black feet and one white.  Hussy has started his foal training and is really friendly and going quite well.   Hussy has now been gelded.

“Yarraleigh Moonshine Oscar”

Oscar was born on the 1st September, 2012 so is now a yearling. A gorgeous buckskin Clydie x gelding. He is super smart and picks everything up really well.  Taught to lead really quickly and has a cute spunky side.  Oscar has had some professional training and has been taught to lead, tie, float, have his feet done, work with tarps, rugged and lots more.  Oscar has tested n/p1.  He will be my riding horse and is being broken in by Blair Ireland from Mt Wallace.  Check him out on facebook. He is well worth getting as a trainer.  Gentle and efficient.  

Oscar has been sold to Sydney, NSW.


Jet is just the cutest little fellow.  He was born on the 29th October, 2012.  He is out of my 11.3hh pony Bell Rose Reflection (Rosie).  Jet has shed his first coat and after having his hair tested (negative to the dun gene) I think he is Buckskin.  His coat is smooth with curls in his ears, mane and tail. I think he will grow to about 13hh.  Jet has been sold to SA.


Asha is a stunning black filly out of my Anglo/QH mare Gossip and was born on 2nd November, 2012.  I just love the way this little girl is put together and her movement is superb.


Nate was born on 28th October, 2012 and is out of my buckskin pony Bickee.   He is a stunning Grullo Appaloosa gelding with a full curly coat and he has such a quiet temperament and stunning looks and movement.  Nate can be a little bit jumpy and needs reassurance but his nature is just loving.  Nate has tested n/n.  Nate should grow to around 15hh.  Nate has been for 2 weeks training with Blair Ireland in late 2014 where he has had some desensitizing, handling,  rugging, saddled, etc.


Spoc was born on 25th October, 2012 to my Palomino Stockhorse mare Rosebank Jewel (Klancii).  He is a stunning smooth coated curly gelding with curls in his ears, mane and tail and has beautiful big heavy set legs on him.  Spoc has tested n/n.  Spoc has been saddled, had bags hanging off him, had someone step in saddle on each side, has been layed down and had quite a bit of work.  Spoc has been tested n/n.

Spoc is for sale for $3,500

“Yarraleigh Golden Dawn”

Goldie is our first curly foal by Moonlight.  Goldie was born in the morning on Saturday 18th August. She is a gorgeous Grullo/Black/White smooth coated curly filly.  Goldie is a smooth curly.  She has a coat like a regular horse but it is soft like a bunny coat.  She has a curly/wavy mane.