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Yarraleigh is a small Curly Horse stud located in Napoleons Victoria, just outside Ballarat.  We had a sea change to Port Albert in Gippsland from 2018 to 2021 and moved back to Napoleons in December of 2021.

I have been allergic to horses for as long as I can remember, but for as long as I can remember have always loved them.  In 2008 I decided that the effects of horses on me was just getting too much to put up with and I had to either give them up or find an alternative.  Fortunately for me I was able to find an alternative being the Curly Horses.

Initially we imported frozen semen from Canada and have bred 3 wonderful foals (a colt and 2 fillies – Caesar, Zena and Aphrodite).  After getting these foals on the ground, we loved the breed so much we decided to import a stallion to bring this wonderful horse to Australia (see our stallion pictured – “Moonlight”).  Moonlight arrived in June 2011 and he is absolutely wonderful.  Friendly, easy going and fantastic to handle.  Moony has had 50+ curly babies in Australia and has now been gelded and living his life out as a riding horse….

Caesar is now 11 and is  standing at stud, we just adore his babies. Caesar is a gorgeous 14.3hh Bay with bling.  His colour testing is Ee Aa and he carries a Sabino gene.

We have 3 farm bred colts as well.  

Merlin is a Smoky Black (EE aa nCr 5 panel negative) Colt and is a stocky beautiful boy.  (Merlin has now been gelded).

Phinneus is a Buckskin (EE Aa nCr 5 panel negative) Colt and he is homozygous Curly.  So no matter what breed of horse you put him to you will get a curly foal.  Very exciting this fella….

Odin is a Palomino (ee aa) Colt out of Caesar and is just a gorgeous boy and he has also been sold to Ti Tree Curly Horse Stud in NSW.  Odin was tested late in 2020 and found to be homozygous curly. 

After around 10 years of breeding these wonderful horses, we decided it was time to downsize our breeding program slowly to retirement.  In mid 2020, we sold 3 stallions and 5 mares in foal to Ti-Tree Curly Horse Stud in Crookwell NSW who will continue on where we left off and we will now only breed the odd foal for ourselves.  In early 2021, Ti-Tree brought our last stallion Yarraleigh Phinneus (homozygous curly buckskin) to join their herd.  To check out Ti-Tree Curlies foals and stallions, here is their website  www.titreecurlyhorses.com.au.

We are currently breeding some Gypsy Cob x Curlies for ourselves for our forever horses.  Any colts/geldings may come up for sale so watch our Gypsy Sales page for those, but we will only be breeding for a further 2 or 3 years to get exactly what we want.